Monday, March 14, 2011

Imagine that...

You finally manage to gather the funds for a decent pair of wheels. Namely for a pair of Ksyrium Elites. You've been waiting for all this time, and now you know that next Friday you'll be having those beauties fitted on your bike. Perfect. But alas! On the Wednesday you get a sore throat and you go home from work and you're shivering on the sofa even though you're wrapped up in a blanket and the heating is on full blast. The horror of not being able to ride those wheels any time soon is slowly sinking in. Not only the weekend will be wasted on antibiotics and food that is given usually to primates during rehab, but an absence from the country has been planned for the following ten days. Anyway a holiday is always good and you arrive back on Monday two weeks after, only to have to go through a most stressful week at work. Anything that can go wrong goes wrong. And you wait for the weekend. You wait for the weekend so you can cycle the stress out of your system. You daydream that you're riding your new wheels for the first time and it brings a smile to your face. So you check your tyre pressure from the night before so you don't waste any time in the morning. And your front tyre is completely flat. You try to inflate but nothing's happening. Nothing's happening because the gash on the tube next to the valve is huge. After the initial frustration you take the spare out of it's box and inflate it just to give it shape so you can easily fit it on your new front wheel. By the time you take the pump out of the valve the new tube has no shape again. Because it is indeed gashed as well. You get a tickle in your eye and a burning feeling up your nostrils, but you refuse to cry for this. You finish off your night with a tea followed by a nap on the sofa. Sometimes things just won't happen. They just won't.

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