Friday, January 21, 2011


Riding a road bike at night is absolutely fantastic! I never used to do it – I was even dreading it – probably because I thought it wasn’t safe. Well there is much less traffic, and everything seems much quieter and at ease. Since it’s after work it really helps to de-stress as well. I use a pair of K.N.O.G. ‘frog’ lights which proved to be enough to get me noticed. The particular route was the usual home-airport-Dromolaxia and back. Nice 20km ride for when I haven’t got much time. As soon as you're not on the inevitable Artemidos avenue, everything is half-lit, silent which give me a calming feeling - even when sprinting. And if there is enough moonlight, the dark unlit streets become an atmospheric silvery/black and white surrounding. I certainly will be doing loads more night riding and not just wait for the weekend to ride.


  1. cant believe how much you ride! i bought a fold up bike and did my first city ride today! its the opposite of what you are describing haha. but nice in a different way i guess

  2. That's so cool, what bike did you get? A Brompton? I really want to cycle in London re. Was this close to getting a Boris bike from Soho square in December but for some reason I didn't. Might do it when we're there again late February.